The Havila Group is a family-run company group. The vast experience of Igor Lepetukhin,  the founder of the group , in the petrochemical business, allowed the company to develop and occupy its niche in the logistics business.

With a limited fleet of tank containers and railway platforms, the group has the most valuable asset – a group of young and ambitious employees who are ready to work proactively and develop the market.

The structure of the group of companies distinguishes four main areas of activity:

  • Transportation of chemical goods
  • Transportation of food cargo
  • Railway operations
  • Depot operations

All companies of the group are formed based on the geographical factors or by the specifics of the business. It allows us to quickly respond to changes on the market as well as for the convenience of our customers.

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Notice by Osaühing Havila according to § 4335 (1) and (4):
• Osaühing Havila (the acquiring company) has on 01.02.2023 entered into the cross-border merger agreement with the company EcoChem B.V. (entered into the Business Register of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 24466633). The merger agreement is available at the website of Osaühing Havila and at its registered office at Narva mnt 7-454, 10117 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia.
• The shareholders, creditors and employees (if applicable) may submit their comments to Osaühing Havila concerning the merger agreement no later than 03.04.2023.

Appendix: MERGER AGREEMENT Merger agreement